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Lenore D. Flores
Mansfield, OH 44903

One of the most professional service providers that we have worked with. They not only throughly checked our home but also made improvements to the existing plumbing to make it work at its bets. We are glad we worked with them.

Brittney R. Jones
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Maintenence and servicing of our plumbing is no longer stressful. They do it for us even before we know. Now heating and plumbing maintenance is no longer the nightmare that it always used to be. 

Joline G. Boyd
Endicott Johnson

When we first moved in, the plumbing and heating in our home was a total mess. We just called these guys and they had the entire thing fixed in just a few days. We recommed them for all home inprovement needs. 

Brighten Up your House

The charm of sunlight

Rooms are indoor spaces that are meant to shelter us and our posessions from the elements, such as the wind, he heat and the rain. However, it is also nice to allow some of these elements in every once in a while. A soft breeze and some evening fresh air, carrying the perfume of the flowers of our garden, is usually welcomed within the walls of any house. 

Perhaps the most important element of nature that should find its way into our rooms is the sunlight. Electricity can provide lighting for our houses, but nothing matches natural light. This is not just a matter of energy saving, both for economical and environmental reasons. Sunlight brightens up any space, it makes rooms look more cheerful and is great for some activities that require a great effort of the sight such as reading or drawing.

In cold times such as the months of winter, natural sunlight has the added value of helping mantain a warm temperature inside the building. Houses and flats that are oriented to the East or the West are usually warmer because they receive more sunlight during the hours of the day. This also helps the environment and your own economy by allowing you to save energy with your heating system.

Roofing USA explains that sunlight is a natural booster of your mood and gives an overall positive feeling to any room.". However, it has its disadvantages as well.

The danger of direct dayilight: fading

Sunlight is very known to wear off the colours of several objects. The ultraviolet radiation fades the colour of clothes and tapestry. Virtually nothing can escape from this effect. Upholstery, timber floorings, drapes, even the tone of the walls is affected by the decolorating properties of sunlight radiation. Natural light fades the back of books and the colours of valuable paintings. All of these things mean that sunlight can not only fade the colour of certain objects but also their value. Click here for more information on the impact of sunlight on furniture and art and to learn about many methods to protect them from the effects of natural light.

How to balance, then, the good and bad effects of sunlight? Should you have wide, big windows to let all that light in, even if it means to wear off the colours of virtually anything that you have inside your home? Or would you rather have little windows with shaded glasses and live inside a dark house?

A good option that is in-between

Wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of easy to use, practical and effective mechanism to regulate the amount of sunlight that you let into your house? Actually, there is something that is designed precisely for this end. 

Perhaps you have heard about plantation shutters. Altough they are quite recent in the United Kingdom, they have been popular for a long time in the United States. These shutters consist in a frame made out of wood and several slates that pivot together around horizontal axes. When these slates are in vertical position, they form a wooden wall that blocks the sunlight. With more and more inclination, the space between them widens and more light is let into the room.

Plantation shutters have this name because they are very popular in plantation zones where the sun is very bright and thus the insides of a house must be sheltered from natural light most of the day. They are very resistant to weather conditions, as long as they are made of solid wood.

Design and brand are important factors to take in account if you want to install plantation shutters. As we have just said, they must be of good quality. Some manufacturers use plastic or light woods to make them, but these materials are not resistant to weather conditions or even the passing of time. Companies such as www.londonshutters.co.uk or shutterservices.co.uk are specialized in plantation shutters and provide great quality service on both the production and the installation of these kind of shutters.

One more advantage of plantation shutters in comparison with other methods of blocking daylight such as blinds and drapes, is that they can adapt to any shape. Windows that have odd shapes such as triangles or circles are a challenge for blinds and drapes. However, plantation shutters don’t need to have squared or rectangular frames. These frames can be made for each different window, and tailored to exactly fit them. Each slate can be of different lenghts, and with some oblique silohuette on their ends, they will fit in any shape.