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Lenore D. Flores
Mansfield, OH 44903

One of the most professional service providers that we have worked with. They not only throughly checked our home but also made improvements to the existing plumbing to make it work at its bets. We are glad we worked with them.

Brittney R. Jones
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Maintenence and servicing of our plumbing is no longer stressful. They do it for us even before we know. Now heating and plumbing maintenance is no longer the nightmare that it always used to be. 

Joline G. Boyd
Endicott Johnson

When we first moved in, the plumbing and heating in our home was a total mess. We just called these guys and they had the entire thing fixed in just a few days. We recommed them for all home inprovement needs. 

Caring for your Property All Year Round

There is more to properties than just owning them. In order to keep your properties in top shape, you need to know how to maintain them all year round. Granted, climatic conditions can take a toll on the properties, which means that you need to be well prepared. Effective property maintenance makes sure that your property stays functional for long as well as retains its appeal. It also helps in maintaining the value of your property. Property mantainence is very essential in protecting your property.

You should make sure that your property is well taken care of both inside and outside. Below are some ways of ensuring that your property is catered for all year round. Keep in mind that council maintenance rules and regulations should be followed to the letter.

How to Maintain Your Property

Property maintenance should be a regular undertaking. Here are some insights on how to go about it.

Take Your Time to Do House Repairs

You should have your exteriors checked regularly. This is especially if you are living in an area that experience severe winter season. This is because the strong wind and the cold snow experienced during winter speeds up the aging process of the roof, giving rise to a host of maintenance code. If there is any roof shingle to be repaired or to be replaced, do so in time. When doing repairs, also look for the holes on the windows screens or doors. If any of the door or window requires repair or replacement, then do the necessary. 

Repaint Your Walls

 You should regularly check your walls for chipping paint, cracks, wearing wall paper, water damage etc. If the paint on the wall has become dull or dirty, repaint both the interior and the exterior surfaces. Repainting makes your building to look bright and attractive.

Update the Mechanical Systems

 Inspect the electrical systems; ensure they are in the right condition. The systems include water heaters and air conditioners. Check if the air filters in the air conditioners are in good condition and if not, replace them. Inspect the water heaters and flash them regularly. Make sure that the air conditioners are free from dust, pollen and other substances that can affect their functioning.

Ensure that all other electric equipment is in the right condition so as to avoid disasters in case of malfunctioning or faults. Install fire safety equipment to secure your property should a fire occur. Make sure all the processes comply with the set maintenance issues to avoid mishaps.

Take Care of the Plants

 If you have a garden of flowers or other plants outside your house, make sure that they are well watered and trimmed. Remove the unhealthy plants, dead leaves and stalks and broken branches. This helps the remaining plants to stay healthy and attractive. You can also beautify your lawn by rejuvenation pruning. This helps to remove old, overgrown plants. 

Repair the bed lines of your lawn regularly and expand it. You can also use some mulch so as to maintain the moisture in the soil and to prevent weeds. You can also use fertilizers and herbicides to make your plants healthy. Providing the plants with sufficient water especially in summer helps them break out of dormancy.

Clean the Landscape

You should clear your compound off dead plants and broken branches. This makes your compound clean and clutter free.  Shovel the snow from the landscape as it destroys the plants. You should also remove plants from the edge of the driveway and those lying under the snow. During summer, there is more plant death, so rid your compound off dead plants.

Repair the Drainage System

Take note of any stagnant water so as to trace the drainage problem and solve it immediately. Look for the clogged gutters and repair them. If you allow water to stand in your compound, it may affect the soil around your building and cause some sink holes. The water can also erode the planting areas. Proper drainage should be considered in spring due to increased rainfall.

Upgrade your Floors

The maintenance procedure will depend on the type of floor. If the tiles of your floor have aged, replace them. If your floor is painted, repaint it regularly to keep it attractive. For the floor with holes, replace the floorings on time to avoid further damage. You should also make sure that your floor is clean and free from the tough stains.


Parting Shot

With the above tips, you have all the reasons to take great care of our property. Ensure that you follow the maintenance code when dealing with your property. If you cannot handle a maintenance job on your own, you might need to call in a professional. When vetting contractors, make sure you check out their credentials, licensing with the relevant bodies, and experience. Remember to look at customer reviews to get an idea of their work ethics. You need to ensure that you are getting the best you can afford.